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Looking for a VAT fiscal representative Netherlands or the EU / European Union? Welcome to We VAT Solutions! We can be your fiscal representative. In general, it is not obliged for EU and non-EU businesses to appoint a fiscal representative when registering for VAT purposes in the Netherlands. 

Regulations VAT free import license 

EU and non-EU companies can register directly for VAT purposes in the Netherlands. However, in order to apply for a VAT-free import license or trade certain commodities against 0% VAT in the Netherlands, non-Dutch companies must appoint a fiscal representative in the Netherlands. The specific regulations are:
  • VAT-free import license - In the Netherlands, there is a special regulation that allows companies to avoid payment of import VAT at the time of customs clearance. WE VAT Solutions can assist with the application of this license and consequently your company can avoid a cash flow loss as these is no need to file for a VAT refund request and wait for the actual funds to be refunded.
  • Trade in certain commodities against 0% Dutch VAT - In addition to the VAT-free import license, there is also a regulation that allows companies to purchase certain (commodity) goods free of VAT. WE VAT Solutions can assist with the application of this regulation. Again, a VAT cash flow loss can be avoided with this regulation as both purchase and sale may be subject to 0% Dutch VAT.  

Finally, in case of certain transactions within a Dutch VAT warehouse or certain transaction subject to a specific Dutch excise regulation, another obligation exists to appoint a fiscal representative in the Netherlands. 

We offer all kind of fiscal VAT services  to help your company to expand  on the European or Dutch market. You can also hire us for interim  fiscal management


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